Why Direct Mail Today

Did you know that 83% of purchases are influenced by direct mail? (source: Pebble Post). For this reason, mailing directly is a key component of the media mix. To add perspective, here are additional facts and figures pointing to the power of direct mail.

Facts and Figures About Direct Mail

– COVID-19 has expanded the market, which is projected to hit $70.7B in 2023 (source: Direct Mail Advertising Global Market Report)

– It contributes a 12% increase in response rates to multichannel campaigns when it’s in the mix (source: Marketing Charts)

– 70% of consumers say it is more personal than online interactions (source: DMN3)

– 98% of people check their mail daily and Americans spend upwards of 30 minutes with their mail on a single occasion (source: USPS)

– Six out of 10 consumers believe it is more personal and trustworthy than other marketing platforms (source: USPS)

– 39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of it (source: DMA)

– 51% of consumers said receiving relevant mail aided them in making faster purchasing decisions (source: Pebble Post)

Direct mail drives optimal results for businesses and retailers. Brands will tell you that mail is a proven bottom funnel tactic that increases sales. Here’s why:

  • It is the most targeted media channel for Acquisition, win-back and lead conversion. Our take: Execute using predictive modeling, automated or triggered direct mail.
  • It delivers the highest response and conversion rates. Our take: It enhances the performance of digital and amplifies mass media channels.
  • It is interactive and tangible. Our take: You can personalize it while making a digital connection.

What This Means for You

Mailing directly is a reliable means of reaching diverse prospects and customers. Data-driven direct marketing strategies enable businesses to better target the people they want to reach. To increase loyalty, interaction and shareability, multichannel marketing combines mail with online channels. Halfway through 2021, there has been an impactful rebound in mailing directly due to the slowdown of last year. In fact, Glasswing Ventures predicted that the use of direct mail will more than double this year – expecting it to be the “antidote to the digital overload of 2020.”

The Bottom Line

Direct mail is dimensional, personal and a useful channel for promotions. The integration of print marketing within your media mix will not only enhance your targeting efforts, but further engage your prospects and customers in a consistent way.

Having been in the direct mail space for 30+ years, we know how to use this channel strategically. Get in touch about some of our new and cutting-edge DM solutions today! 

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