Why Direct Response TV Today

So many of the headlines we see in the marketing industry are about Connected TV (CTV). Don’t get us wrong – we’re just as excited about this channel that’s growing at an exponential rate. In fact, so many of our clients have experienced success that we published a blog post on why CTV should be in your media mix today.

Today, TV remains the most dominant share of viewership in the country, which is why CTV has soared in recent years. However, cable, broadcast and satellite are not to be overlooked. Specifically, Direct Response TV or DRTV, allows brands to efficiently reach large audiences at scale, and can be differentiated based on the national or local market. In fact, marketing professionals today still consider DRTV to be the best asset for achieving marketing goals.

We thought it would be helpful to provide a refresh on DRTV, and why it is strategic to test the channel in 2022 and beyond.

What Is It?

It’s Cable. It’s Network. More specifically, Traditional Direct Response TV closely monitors the response directly following an advertisement. These are the ads that not only drive brand awareness but sales. 

How Does It Work?

There are various forms that should be applied to different goals.

If you’re interested in raising brand awareness, Short Form is the way to go. It is any commercial two minutes or less.

If you’re interested in driving response with your campaign, we also recommend :60s and :120s for optimal conversion rates.

Why DRTV Today?

Cost-Effective: The marketplace is fluid and inventory is based on supply and demand. But, the rate structure is lower than the general market.

Measurable: It is entirely measurable – CPC, CPO, CPM, CPP, CPS, MER, ROI, CPR, IMP, ROAS – and in-week optimizations are available.

Ideal Timing: There is flexibility to get on air quickly and the ad is cancellable within three business days. Media is optimized in real time based on the client’s primary KPIs.

Let’s have a conversation about video buying in terms of linear and advanced TV. Why not add CTV into the discussion!? Enhancing your omnichannel strategy with DRTV and CTV (and more!) will contribute to your brand’s future success.


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