Putting a wrap on a year we will never forget

I remember flying home from a trip in February of 2020. We had heard about this new very contagious virus primarily seen in Asia and Europe, but it had not yet affected us here in the U.S., specifically on the east coast. Little by little it made its way to us and impacted our lives. We started washing our hands more, watching the news even more, and eventually on March 13, closing our physical office doors. Initially for a two-week period we thought, and then for what we could not have imagined, the rest of the year.

We are fortunate that our virtual “door” opened immediately, and we adapted well to functioning remotely. Unknowingly we had been getting our company prepared for an event like this over the last few years; upgrading VPN’s, migrating to the “cloud,” providing everyone with laptops, and encouraging people with long commutes to work remotely when they needed. The effects of the pandemic have been incongruous. Most of our clients adapted skillfully, and their products and services were in demand as they served people well while at home.

I am especially proud of our team at Media Horizons for adapting to and meeting the challenges we’ve faced over the last nine months. Everyone’s situation is different, from childcare and family needs to work at home environments, but we have supported our clients and each other on a daily basis, and for that I am impressed and extremely grateful. I am also thankful for the support of our new owners at Central National Gottesman and Lindenmeyr Central who have been encouraging in our first year. It is under their ownership that together we made it an even more successful year for Media Horizons.

As we look ahead to 2021, we are most excited about providing our clients with expanded service offerings, integrating new key hires as well as furthering our relationships with new clients brought on in 2020.

I also acknowledge that while we have overall fared well, many have not. Our thoughts are with those who have had a difficult time this year, lost loved ones to the pandemic and suffered financially. We offer them comfort and wish for better days ahead in 2021, now that the end of this chapter is a realistic vision rather than just a dream.

Wishing our clients, staff, CNG co-workers and industry friends a healthy and successful 2021.

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