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Brand Lifts In-Store Sales With Engaging Digital Campaign

Increase Household Penetration and In-Store Sales

6% Sales Lift at Store Level, Featured Item
3% Sales Lift Brand Halo Flight 1
5.8% Sales Live, Brand Halo, Flight 2


Thrilled By Our Results

We are thrilled by our results and pleased with Media Horizons’ use of the latest technology to further our brand awareness and share our message with consumers.

Meghan Boyd Brand Manager at SALOV North America Corp./Filippo Berio

how we did it

Increase household penetration and in-store sales

This olive oil brand wanted to increase household penetration and drive in-store sales at key retailers across the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast.

Utilizing tactics and activation strategies across the shopper journey, Media Horizons and Colangelo created an impactful digital campaign that leveraged the latest ad tech to generate reach among targeted shoppers at key retail locations and ultimately drive sales.

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How We Did It

Defining customers not by demographics, psychographics, or behavior alone, but by actual purchase captured through loyalty and credit card data.

Marketing technology predicts behavior for hyperlocal activation across an omnichannel solution set.

Relevant, segmented messaging is delivered in precise moments when consumers are most receptive and influenced to buy, inspiring action and creating demand.
AI-powered performance media simultaneously evaluates audience, context, flighting and creative variables to cost-effectively drive sales and maximize lifetime value.

KPI Performance

• The featured Extra Virgin Olive Oil item saw strong sales lift of 11.2% during the campaign flight, but no sales lift was observed during the post attribution period, resulting in an overall 7% sales lift.

• All other Extra Virgin olive oils saw an overall 3% sales lift during the entire campaign measurement period.

• Non-Extra Virgin olive oils saw only 1.2% sales lift during the post campaign attribution period.

Key Insight

• Advertising made an immediate impact on sales for the Extra Virgin product portfolio showing positive sales lift during the first six weeks of the campaign. Consider featuring a wider portfolio of products to communicate variety and maximize sales lift.

• We observed a heavy competitive media activity from California Ranch and Bertolli in December/January. Given the longer purchase cycles of Olive Oil, it is likely that this negatively impacted overall sale lift for Filippo Berio during the campaign.


Brand Life, InMarket Performance & More!

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Brand Lift

Vizu Performance

• Measured across all media partners over the full 3 Month flight

• Both the desktop and mobile studies reflected a positive lift this month, with a 69.0% lift seen in mobile 10.8% lift in desktop

Mobile: Up 69%
Desktop: Up 10.8%

InMarket Performance

• Prior to campaign exposure, 15.1% of survey respondents confirmed they were aware of Filippo Berio

• Berio’s brand awareness increased to 16.1% after exposure, achieving a brand lift of 6.6% as a result of the inMarket campaign.

Mobile and Desktop: Up 6.6%

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There's Never Been A Better Time To Life Your In-Store Sales

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