Building Blocks for Creating Authentic Customer Relationships Through Branding & Content

As marketers, we all have our “secret sauce.” In terms of building authentic customer relationships, we’re inviting you to “taste test” ours! Brand, content and storytelling are the ingredients in our recipe.

Measure & Mix:

1 Great Brand

  • An important element of branding is about building a positive reputation.
  • The best brands find balance between their own character and customer needs.
    • – Make sure to get ahead of these needs – appeal to the ‘needs’ they don’t even know they have.
    • – You may do this with tools like surveys. Using surveys, you can discover details that customers may not be articulating through shopping behavior, but you may infer based on responses.
  • Emphasize empathy and determine how it can play a bigger role in your customer journey.

Stir In:

1 Perception Identity

1 Price

  • Understand brand archetypes: these will help define a brand’s role in the marketplace and in the lives of customers by creating a human connection.
    • – Archetypes are directional and not prescriptive.
    • – Finding the right archetype can develop a role in the marketplace as well as customers’ lives.
  • Create a consistent and compelling brand identity, so you can always tap back into this as you develop consistent communication.
  • If your brand identity is meaningful enough, then brand evolution may occur as well.

For added flavor, here are some suggested enhancements for brand identity:

  • Authenticity
  • Differentiation
  • Consistency
  • Presence
  • Relevance
  • Understanding
  • Price
    • – How you price your products is key to bringing your brand to life. It determines your reputation within the marketplace and customer perception


4 Organizational Content Framework

1 Hero

1 Hub

1 Help

1 Heart

  • Combine large and small moments to help convert prospects or increase engagement with existing customers.
    • – Hero content: Huge moments like big campaigns, pop-up events which are usually larger investments 1-2x per year.
    • – Hub content: High impact, medium moments that demonstrate industry expertise, increase prospect engagement and drive conversion, such as videos, white papers, and new product launches.
    • – Help content: Always-on, small-scale content designed to solve customers’ job to be done. Content such as social posts, customer service interactions, help communications (explainers, demos, etc.), SEO strategy and retargeting, team culture, customer and community stories, and surprise moments increases brand affinity, drives conversion, and improve retention. Typically, brands spend a lot of time and effort in this area.
    • – Heart content: Medium moments balanced with Hub content. These are highly impactful and designed to demonstrate empathy and increase retention with existing customers. Examples include small-scale, intimate events as well as social media events. Overall, brands are solely trying to enhance customer relationships in these moments.
  • By understanding your content ecosystem, a brand will strengthen its customer journey.

Serve valuable content to facilitate stronger customer connections & enjoy heightened marketing success!

Information sourced from Mailchimp eCommerce Masterclass Series. 

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