5 Marketing Predictions for 2017

With the arrival of 2017, we look back and reflect on some of the defining marketing trends and media habits throughout the past year. While we saw a surge in influencer marketing, a shift in the landscape of streaming video consumption, and proof that consumers’ continue to place their trust in traditional media, one thing’s for sure: the marketing landscape is ever-changing.

But what strategies and tactics will influence marketing in 2017? A number of Media Horizons’ thought leaders share their perspective on what’s in store for brands and marketers in the year ahead.

Targeted marketing efforts will surge across offline and online channels.

Claire Carpenter, Vice President of Account Management

As companies gain almost immediate access to their customers’ purchasing history and habits they will be able to tailor marketing efforts to predict and capitalize on future spending. This will become invaluable in real-time marketing and have a vast impact in the offline world that drives consumers to go online. Targeted marketing will dramatically change the current landscape of selecting demographic data to selecting behavioral data, which will resonate with consumers and increase brand value.

Data connectivity will lead to an increase in shopper marketing.

Erica DePalma, Vice President of Digital Marketing

Data connectivity has proven to be a successful component of our clients’ marketing stacks and we see that trend continue with the widespread implementation and usage of beacons and other location-based technologies. In light of the improvements in targeting, tracking and scalability, we anticipate shopper marketing to increase in 2017.

Data and technology will drive cross-channel marketing tactics.

Jim Kabakow, Chief Executive Officer

Data will continue to drive an increase in cross-channel marketing where brands will seek to target a tighter audience profile and focus on prospects that have previously connected with them. New technologies will make this possible in media channels that until fairly recently did not have that capability. Some include the emergence of addressable TV, and delivering offline messages in print and mail to prospects sourced via digital channels. To make this effective, marketers will need to be entertaining but also consistent with their messaging as contact with individual prospects and customers will increase in overall frequency through the multiple points of interaction.

Virtual assistants will drive growth in voice search.

Cyrus Karimi, Vice President of Search & Affiliate Marketing

Voice search saw an explosion in 2016, fueled by virtual assistants like Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Cortana (Microsoft) and Google Assistant (Google). In the year ahead, voice search and specifically longer semantic-based search queries will continue to grow.

Direct mail will continue to drive results for online retailers.

Alan Kraft, Chief Revenue Officer

As online retailers—like Amazon, Zappos, Wayfair and Jet—continue to expand in 2017 and tap out their digital customer acquisition channels, they will test their way into traditional media. Direct mail use, in particular, will grow among this set of retailers based on the success of this time-honored channel among their colleagues and competitors.


What other trends will drive marketing in 2017? Leave your predictions in the comments below.

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