Bring It On, 2020-Too

As we enter the New Year, we can’t help but think of the newest popular saying: “2020 – too.” Get it? Beginning last month, several news outlets published their marketing predictions for this year by looking back at 2021 successes and failures as well as industry-leading brands. From increased customer loyalty to an emphasis on personalization, marketing in 2022 is surely unprecedented. Can you believe we’re using that word again?

Rather than add to the list of articles about predictions (though we are always happy to share if you are interested!), we thought it would be helpful to provide current scenarios and what they mean for your marketing strategy in the next few months and beyond.

Current Scenario 1: Brick-and-mortar closures due to not enough employees available to work.

This is likely due to several factors, but mainly people contracting COVID-19 (or having experienced exposure) and that people have found new work elsewhere. Reuters reported a record 1.35M COVID-19 cases on Monday, January 10th, which was the new single-day high (source: CNBC). Additionally, a record 4.5M Americans quit their jobs in November (source: SHRM). Whether this is a result of finding higher paying jobs, relocation due to the pandemic, or something else, bricks-and-mortar are suffering the consequences.  

What This Means for Your Marketing Strategy: Your target audience may not be what it once was. People are adapting to bricks-and-mortar closures in different ways. Some are becoming more brand loyal; some are finding other solutions and some are developing new habits. It may be time to revisit your house file, reevaluate your top earning channels and discover new marketing tactics (PS: Are you familiar with our New to File Direct Mail program? It helps with exactly this. Reach out here to learn more).

Current Scenario 2: Privacy Concerns, Apple’s iOS Updates, and More…Signal Upcoming Tech Changes.

From privacy concerns and Facebook’s policies changing social media, technology modifications like Apple’s iOS updates affecting email marketing, Google’s algorithm adjustments affecting SEO, to Instagram’s new focus on video, marketers’ tech stack is shifting.

What This Means for Your Marketing Strategy: Marketers must rely on partners–to be the most cutting-edge, to understand the latest laws and best practices–to continue driving your omnichannel strategy forward.

Current Scenario 3: More Channels for Consumers Than Ever Before

Since 2020 (and arguably even before), there has been a theme of disruption. The pandemic stimulated widespread digital adoption, facilitated changed consumer behavior, and impacted the supply chain. Each day, we are dealing with the impact that these changes have had on our businesses.

What This Means for Your Marketing Strategy: Marketing will continue to be a challenge. In fact, Forbes reported: “Marketing is getting harder, and there’s no end in sight…numerous disruptive changes have dramatically impacted marketing and advertising in the last several months.” However, while people are consuming more channels than ever before, marketers may also utilize this opportunity to test new channels, find new customers and thus, drive success.

In looking at the above current scenarios, we hope your mind isn’t spinning, but if it is, lucky for you we understand the marketplace. With our 30+ years of industry experience, we know the ins and outs of this landscape. At our core, we are flexible and adaptive, which is how we help our clients daily. While we do not know what the future holds, we do know how to grow your customer base and thus, revenue using our building blocks: open communication, sharing and collaboration, innovation and problem solving and personalization. We look forward to collaborating with you this year